Service Log.

A mobile app for field service technicians to log customer visits.

This app helps technicians and service providers keep track of jobs and information about them. Each visit needs to be recorded with notes indicating the reason for service, the observed situation, and the service actually provided.

The technician can distinguish jobs or complaints by color, and see which jobs have been completed based on the color formatting. In many cases, a signature from the customer is required to indicate completion of service. This can be collected straight from the app.

When a technician opens the Service Log form, the Customer and Address fields are pre-filled with information of a customer who is closest to the technician.


House Inspection.

This is an app for a house inspector to capture and curate photos, notes and inspection failures

The inspector is able to add up to 3 images to a room, list all the areas inspected and add notes for any remedial actions required. If the room fails an inspection a workflow email is triggered indicating that a recheck will be required.

The apps has three main views — Map, By House and Follow Up. Map view shows locations of all houses with formatted map pins. By House groups data by houses and shows the status of the inspected rooms. Follow Up is a filtered view of all the rooms which failed inspection and need to be rectified.

The Menu contains views of all houses (Houses), all house inspections sorted by date (All by Date), and houses within 445 km. There is also a view showing the distance to the houses from the user. Other views include a gallery of the houses and a table view of inspectors where you can email, call or text inspectors.


Employee Training.

An app to provide medical training materials to employees


Assignment Manager.

An app to manage school work and assignments

This a useful app for students in school and college to manage better understand deadlines, workload and schedules

Add and update assignments to a class
Define the due-date
The app will also give you visual cues on assignments that are close to due date