Go mobile, and take your business with you. Share data and work together. Automate your processes.

  • Manage Operations

    Keep yourself and your business organised.

  • Stay connected

    Keep yourself in the know at all times with mobile-ready business apps.

  • Offline access

    Add data and submit reports even when you're offline. All changes are automatically synced.

  • Instant Updates

    Make updates to your app contents in real-time without waiting for your next App Store approval.

  • Save time & Money

    Launch your app in days not months.

  • Dashboard Reporting

    We offer high level dashboard reports.

Offline First

Our apps are always available, even if networks aren't.

With our Platform's “live object” approach and embedded database, your apps will deliver a great experience - with or without a signal.

Customers expect a seamless, responsive experience no matter where they are. You expect up-to-the-minute information on the go. But traditional mobile apps can get bogged down or stop working altogether if networks are congested, slow, or interrupted. In an offline-first approach, data is handled on the device and synced to the server when networks become available.


Auto Install

Until you actually try and load an App on either Play Store or App Store , you won't understand the frustration and cost.

Our Apps are delivered to a customer’s mobile device via a simple link. This can be shared to the customer using SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp or Social Media then automatically install on the device.

This means that there are less barriers for the user to access your app.


  • Works both offline and online

  • No app store cost

  • Automated app updates

  • Future proof: Upgrade your device, no problem

  • Apps don't get lost in a sea of competition

  • No revenue sharing with app stores

  • No app rejections

  • Control accessibility to your app

  • Works on 99% of devices

Powerful System Integration

Once you have made the decision to develop a mobile application for your business the next major challenge becomes how do you integrate this application to your back-end applications such as your CRM or ERP system?

Fortunately we have years of integration experience?

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  •    Shopping Carts

      Sell product/services in app
      Paypal & Payfast integration
      Easy to setup and maintain

  •    Maps

      Show Maps on screen
      Google & Openstreetmaps
      Full Feature Support

  •    Signatures

      Take signatures on screen
      Or for drawing on an image
      Finger Support (No Pen req)

  •    Loyalty Cards

      Digital customer loyalty
      Fast to market
      Packed with features

  •    Social Media

      Integrate with your social media
      Effortless setup
      Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Intagram, ...

  •    Auto Updates

      Add new features with easy
      Auto deployment to devices
      No more annoying downloads

  •    QR & Barcode Scanning

      All formats supported
      Product info or asset tracking
      Auto locate barcode

  •    Push Notifications

      Send messages at no cost
      Target specific users
      One click setup


      Track worker or entry location
      Geofence zones
      Location proximity

  •    Take Photo's and Video

      Snap a photo of completed work
      Selectable photo size
      Video chatting/education

  •    App QR Generator

      APP QR genrator
      Effectively distribute your app
      Easy access to your app

  •    Multi Language Support

      Apps in any language
      RTL (Arabic) Supported
      Auto translation API

  •    Data Collection

      Complex forms
      Customizable logic
      Server API to extract your data

  •    Booking Calendars

      Take bookings/appointments
      Office viewable calendar
      Supports e-mail notifications

  •    Coupons

      Easy setup
      Increase customer engagement
      Customers love coupons

  •    Video Training

      Ideal for user training/how-to's
      Measure engagement
      Reduce training cost & time

  •    Machine Learning

      System learns objects
      Recognize objects from photo/video
      Identification/compliance made easy

  •    Offline Data Sync

      Uploads data even if the app is closed
      Never loose data again
      Lightning fast

video presentation

Meet Frank.

  • Frank is a hard worker.

    He spends way too much time doing admin.

    The business has a paper trail from here to Cairo.

Meet Bob.

  • Bob owns a construction business

    All his admin work is done manually.

    Bob's mobile app has automated the business.

Have Questions!

Apps built on our platform are priced per project. We charge a flat app creation fee that is determined based on the functionality you need, followed by a $/month fee for app maintenance, hosting and full access to all functionality our platform has to offer

Our platform allows us to design and deliver apps in as little as 7 days. We do deliver 10x faster and cheaper than our competitors.

Customization options for your app on Appco are endless, and new features are constantly being developed and added to the product. We offer a variety of apps for various use cases including:
› E-Learning and M-Learning Apps
› Employee Onboarding and Training Apps
› Professional Development Apps
› Photo, Video, Audio and Text Sharing Apps
› Content Sharing Apps
› Community Building Apps
› HR & Compliance Apps
› Mobile Data Collection Apps
› Handbooks & Guides Apps
› On-the-go Database Access Apps
› Employee Social Network Apps

As a customer, you’ll access a web-based dashboard from which you can manage your app content, send push notifications, track analytics, export user data, manage user-generated content, and update your app as you grow.

It can take weeks to get an app approved and loaded on an app store.
After all the time and cost, your app may be rejected.

Our Apps are distributed via SMS, e-mail, whatsapp or social media.
App stores are bypassed allowing you to speed up deployment and control access to your app. You'll never have to share your app revenue again.
Develop and cost a single app to run on multiple platforms.
Future proof: Won't stop working when you upgrade your device.

Service Level Agreement:
› App Hosting & Maintenance
› Database Hosting & Maintenance
› Data export API
› Maintenance of integration scripts
› App statistics
› Maintenance of reports
› Access to new features
› 24/7/365 Support

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Pricing & Options


Country: USA

USD 120 /m

  • App Hosting
  • App Maintenance
  • Data Backup
  • Offline Storage
  • Training
  • Data Integration
  • 24/7/365 Support
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Size of project and users may impact cost


Country: USA

USD 999 /Once-Off

  • We design and build your app
  • Push Notifications
  • User Management
  • App Analytics
  • Android Ready
  • iOS Ready
  • Offline Mode
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Size of app and complexity may impact cost


Country: USA

USD 399 /m

  • We design & build your reports
  • Online Dashboards
  • Deep Analytics
  • Share & Collaborate
  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Mobile friendly
  • User License: USD 12/m
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Number of reports and users may impact cost

Our World Wide Clients

We create great apps for the world's best companies. Working across industries, borders and platforms.

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    *Indirect Client (PNS)

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    Reckitt Benckiser

    Healthcare - FMCG

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    *Indirect Client (PNS)

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    *Indirect Client (PNS)

  • img

    Meridian Wine Merchants



  • img

    Pack n Stack


    Order Entry


  • img

    Lucky Star


    *Indirect Client (PNS)

  • img

    Mars Multisales


    Order Entry

    *Indirect Client (PNS)

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    *Indirect Client (PNS)

  • img

    Miami Canners


    *Indirect Client (PNS)

  • img



    *Indirect Client (PNS)

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    *Indirect Client (PNS)

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    *Indirect Client (PNS)

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    Colgate Palmolive


    *Indirect Client (PNS)

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